Professional Bios

Whether you are employed, self-employed, or working in a consulting role, a professional bio is an essential tool to add to your career management portfolio.

Why have a bio and where will you use it?

Following are some of the more common uses of a professional bio:

  • In networking, as a “softer” alternative to the executive resume, when you don’t want to be perceived as a job hunter or seem “needy”
  • As a meeting or interview follow up, especially if you’ve already provided your resume
  • As supplementary information for a job opportunity or newly won position – where boards of directors, hiring committees, investors, clients, and other outside parties have an interest or role in the decision
  • As an introduction piece to be handed out or read before you take the podium as a speaker
  • As background for you as a contributor to a professional event or publication
  • For retained recruiters – they will use or modify it to submit to the potential employer
  • For display on your personal or company website
  • For display on professional networking/social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • On websites where you are a contributor or are being featured for press inquiries or interviews
  • To apply for a seat on a corporate, nonprofit, or community board of directors

A professional bio tells your career story in a compelling and personal way. Frequently it includes your professional headshot along with your relevant contact information. Depending on the intended use, the bio can be a few short paragraphs or a full page in length. Also, format and writing style vary according to the need.

Call or email me with your specific needs, I’ll assess the situation, recommend the best bio format and style, and quote you a fee. Professional bio fees vary in price from $175 to $300 each.*

* Companies interested in having professional bios written for several members
of their staff are invited to ask about a quantity discount.