Ace the Interview… Get the Offer

The job offer does not necessarily go to the person who has the best skills… it goes to the person who interviews best.

Once you have caught the attention of the employer through successful marketing, you don’t want to lose him at the interview.

When you engage ekm Inspirations to help you refine your interview skills, you will …

  1. Know what to expect before you get to the interview so you won’t scare yourself with “what ifs”
  2. Be able to stare down the demons of previous failed interviews
  3. Quiet the voice in your head that says “I’m going to blow it.”
  4. Know what sets you apart from the competition
  5. Communicate self-confidence
  6. Breeze past the dreaded icebreaker
  7. Avoid the 10 biggest mistakes made by job candidates
  8. Know exactly what to say when the interviewer says “So tell me about yourself”
  9. Have answers prepared for typical interview questions
  10. Complete a “dress rehearsal” with on-the-spot feedback
  11. Tell better stories than your competition
  12. Clearly communicate your value
  13. Know how to handle objections
  14. Know what to say when they ask “Do you have any question?”
  15. Be able to accurately size up the organization
  16. Know what your future boss expects of you
  17. Get the salary you deserve
  18. Know the 3 things you must have before you leave the interview
  19. Know when and how to follow-up
  20. Avoid making the mistake of accepting a job that is not a good fit

Interview coaching is billed at $175/hour. You can also purchase a comprehensive interview coaching package for $525 (a $575 value), which includes the following:

  • An online assessment that will provide you insight into your behavioral and communication style, strengths and weaknesses, characteristics of your ideal job, and value you bring to the workplace
  • 1-hour interview-prep coaching session with an action list for further preparation
  • 1-hour “mock interview,”  a virtual dress rehearsal for the “real thing”
  • 1 hour of follow-up coaching to strategically plan for the next step in the process, which may include preparation of a thank you letter, guidance on how to handle second (and sometimes third) interviews with the same employer, salary negotiation strategies and closing the deal.

Call or email me now to get started… your next employer is eager to meet you!