Job Matching in the Modern Age

One question I frequently get is, “How did you manage to have 42 blind dates?” Well, every successful job seeker knows that one of the keys to success is to “put yourself out there.” I’ve learned that the most effective way to find employment is quite similar to the way I found my current husband 20 years ago…

Are You Over Adapting to Keep Your Job?

It make sense for job seekers to find an accurate way to recognize the behavioral strengths demanded by the job, identify their own natural strengths, and match these to a position and tasks that are the best fit.

My Physical Response to Job Loss

Losing a job is quite an emotional experience – looking for your next opportunity leans more toward the cerebral. Until you can come to terms with the first, it is difficult to tackle the latter.

Visualizing a “New You” is Essential to Changing Careers

One of the more difficult hurdles to surmount when making a career change is to begin thinking and talking about you in a new way. When we have been in a role for a very long time, we have an ingrained way of thinking, communicating and acting that reflects this. If you want your prospective employer to see you play the part for which you are “auditioning,” it is essential that you take on the persona of that “character”.

The Problem with Being “Open”

If I were only able to provide just one nugget of advice that would dramatically alter each client’s job search efforts and lead to quicker success, it would be this: Stop being “Open.”

How to Not Fumble the Interview

Sometimes job seekers do the strangest things. Take the interview, for example. As with football, sometimes things can go badly in a …